Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Should You Love PCLinuxOS 2009.2?

pclinuxos 2009.2 and updates

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I could have better set the title "What's so Great about PCLinuxOS 2009.2?" Be whatever the case, the good thing is that PCLinuxOS is here. Though little late, it's pouring goodies steadily.

After storming the Desktop world with PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009.2, PCLinuxOS KDE 2009.2, PCLinuxOS MiniME 2009.1, PCLinuxOS Zen Mini 2009.1, PCLinuxOS XFCE and PCLinuxOS LXDE 2009.4. And at last, the repo is ready with kde4. That means an Official PCLinuxOS with KDE 4.3 is not far away.

What I liked the most in PCLinuxOS 2009.2?

1.Cosmetics: This point release sports a better look-n-feel than 2009.1.
2.Updates: It endows tons of updates over 2009.1, making it a must for anyone doing a fresh install.
3.Stability: I don't know much about linux internals but this release seems well tested and polished.
4.CPU management: This release does a great job managing your CPU and power. After installation of 2009.2 when I set out to configure cpu-scaling, I was really surprised to see that pclos had already set proper cpu-scaling for my celeron chip.

Needless to say, this release also bears the testimony of tex standards - well chosen packages and better overall integration of all the components.

So, try it. You will fall in love!


iadude10 said...

Asus eee 900- I just installed PCLOS on my 900 couple days ago. Everything works. Install was flawless. Only thing I have not checked is webcam- but I don't use it anyway. One thing- battery monitor is a flake- percentage accurate but time not.

Anonymous said...

My long retired dad moved to Mandriva 2009 after breaking into Linux with PCLOS2007 because he fell in love with with KDE4 but he still uses PCLOS2009 on my mom's laptop (5 year old Acer beast for less than 170$) and he noticed the .2 release differences.

PCLinuxOS has always been what I install for friends and family that want to switch to Linux (virus and malware being always their biggest problems) because rarely have install problems and is easy to use.
It has always been the best at tweaking the KDE3 desktop making life for newbies easy so I cant wait till I see what Texstar and the gang does with KDE4.

Im a KDE distro whore and my kids have no allegiance to any either and use whatever is on but PCLinuxOS is one I never have problems pimping because it always seem to one up themselves.

The Doctor said...

My wife and I both use PCLinuxOS on our desktops and laptops. We just love it!

I always recommend it for any new user switching from Windows to Linux.

Fantastic Blog site! Keep up the good work.

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