Sunday, March 23, 2008

PCLinuxOS Gnome 2008 Released

Good news for those looking for PCLinuxOS 2008. However, it is not the official PCLinuxOS 2008 full release, rather it's a gnome remaster that has the same kernel (kernel which is supposed to come with the official full release.

pclinuxos gnome 2008 screenshot

I am blogging this post from the latest gnome remaster of pclinuxos. I had tried its last version also, and I would highly recommend anybody even if he/she is happy with that, because the latest pclos gnome remaster is fast, beautiful and more polished.

With its last version I had a few problems related to display and system responsiveness. This edition has taken special care to fix those. It has included brasero as the default cd/dvd burning tool, which is a good step forward. Pclos gnome 2008 also readily detects intel gma 965 (x3100) graphics cards and latest broadcom wireless ethernet cards.

I have just one complain to Linuxgator regarding its office apps. It still has that abiword and gnumeric whereas it could have made some space for openoffice after removing those compiz and few less used apps.

Download the latest gnome remaster:

(666MB) MD5


pclinuxos-lover said...

As mentioned in your blog pclinuxos gnome 2008 deserves a trial for every gnome lovers. It had made gnome highly usable and beautiful.

Two thumbs up!

manmath sahu said...

I tried it. It's really an eye-candy. But I am still waiting for official pclinuxos 2008 full release.

pclinuxos-sucks said...

pclinuxos is a rolling distro, right? and the forum moderators there say that 'anytime update you os and you have a the latest pclinuxos'. but is not it wiser to release an updated iso than compel each user download hundreds of megabytes.

i think we will see next release of pclinuxos that will be quite outdated (compared to the leading ubuntu, fedora and mandriva), nonetheless it will stable.

shame on you pclinuxos people.

manmath sahu said...

Hi, whosoever you are please don't post offensive comments on this post and don't use names such as 'pclinuxos-sucks'. In fact, life sucks and many other things in life sucks. PCLinuxOS is an attempt to take some sucking-elements out of your life.

As for the next release of pclinuxos, I totally agree with you. It's really very long since pclinuxos 2007. As you know pclinuxos 2008 minime is out the full official release is not far away, may you will get it on May this year.

By the way, if you love regular release cycle of Fedora and Ubuntu, then why don't you use them, they are not bad either.

Anonymous said...

is there any stability related differences between pclinuxos kde official release and its unofficial gnome remaster?

Anonymous said...

PCLinuxOS is old, tired and looks like butt. There are so man better looking, modern distros (Mint, Sabayon, DreamLinux) that I have no idea why anyone would even gravitate towards this old tool of a distro.

pclinuxOS-sucks said...

PCLinuxOS does SUCK. There is a whole blog dedicated to its sucky-ness:

manmath sahu said...

you could try pclinuxos 2008 minime and spin it the way you like, or wait till the the release of updated pclinuxos 2007.1 or 2008.

pclinuxos 2007, however, is more stable and usable than the distros you have mentioned. one more point simply a combination of updated kernel, xorg and packages don't mean a better distro.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Manmath...there are none so blind as those who will not see and none so ignorant as those who will not know!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, please do go blog yourself!


Anonymous said...

PCLinuxOS sucks big *beep*

I have updated the blog at

How about this