Friday, February 29, 2008

PCLinuxOS Leads Early 2008 Fav Distro

pclinuxos leads desktop war again

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One more good reason to rejoice. PCLinuxOS is leading the early 2008 desktop distro race.
Visit tuxmachines and cast your vote in favour of pclos.


renny said...

The survey seems quite interesting. But if you see distrowatch stats pclinuxos ranking is dropping steadily, though still it maintains top position. So, the pclinuxos 3008 full release is earnestly expected. It will stirr the linux desktop world for a while and win the hearts of many home users.

manmath sahu said...

by the way, it is not pclinuxos 3008, it is pclinuxos 2008, and it will release in a month.

renny said...

many people are waiting for the latest pclinuxos full release, but it is taking rather long.
The recent releases of Mint, Mepis and Mandriva were all noteworthy. Hope PCLinuxOS will top them all.

manmath sahu said...

The whole linux world is waiting for pclinuxos 2008 full release. Hope Tex and the Ripper Gang will surprise us with a godly gift, pclinuxos 2008.

jumbo said...

pclinuxos has been dropping down the distrowatch list for last three days, may be due to its uncertain 2008 release.

renny said...

i don't really care about distrowatch ranking of pclinuxos.

How about this