Monday, February 11, 2008

PCLinuxOS Gnome 2008 - Linstized screenshots

I was looking for PCLinuxOS flavours with latest xorg and kernel. PCLinuxOS official version is yet to be released. And it may be May till the final reaches mirrors. So I thought why not try its gnome remaster. It's the same pclinuxos with gnome desktop. To the gnome remaster I added crossover linux and installed photoshop (my fav image editing software) and ms office (my favourite office suite, though I love Linux I don't like openoffice or gnome office). Also I searched a while for themes in And here is the result of what I got. Even vista people will envy this eye-candy pclinuxos.

Click on the images to see the actual sizes

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 2

PCLinuxOS Gnome screenshot showing nerolinux, ms office apps and photoshop icons. Also the theme manager showing the default themes + customized linsta theme. I also changed the gnome main menu with vista icon. Some where I have renamed native linux icons. So that many windows users will feel at home.

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 3

Nerolinux on top of crossover linux on my pclinuxos gnome desktop.

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 4

MS Office on top of crossover linux on my pclinuxos gnome desktop.

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 5

rxvt on my pclinuxos gnome remaster.

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 6

Epiphany on my pclinuxos gnome remaster.

pclinuxos gnome screenshot 7

My PCLinuxOS gnome desktop with the launch icons of the apps that I use.


linux-freak said...

i found the screenshots more aesthetic than that of default pclinuxos 2008 minime.

manmath sahu said...

thanks for your comment. but i personally like the default pclinuxos 2008 minime screenshots.

mikej said...

hi manmath. great blog. thanks for the comments on my blog. you've inspired me to keep on writing about this great OS.

manmath sahu said...

thanks mike,
i am just waiting for pclinuxos 2008 full official version. Tex and the Ripper Gang are working hard. I am sure the 2008 version will push the standards of pclos to a new height.

linux-puritan said...

manmath, is not it bad to replace gnome main menu icon with vista icon and include ms office apps, nerolinux and crossover linux on top of pclinuxos gnome? you might be dragged into a lawsuit. plz take care.

manmath sahu said...

hi linux-puritan,

thanks for your concern.
but, i can't be dragged to a lawsuit whatsoever because i have purchased the boxed copy of microsoft office 2003, nerolinux and crossover linux. none of them mentioned that i cant' use them on pclinuxos (or any other os), of course, all emphasized to install on one desktop only, and i am using it on my home desktop.

by the way, the screenshots you saw on my blog were for a few hours only, i changed my desktop look-n-feel to the native gnome shortly after.

the idea behind posting those pclinuxos 2008 gnome screenshots was to display the customization aspects of a gnome desktop and i wanted to tell the linux community that pclinuxos can be more eye-candy than vista, the underlying request was to stop being crazy for vista looks.

that's it!

pclinuxos-child said...

would you put some developmental kde4 screenshots of pclinuxos 2008?

Anonymous said...

Nice posting

duff said...

pclinuxos 2008 is stunning! Not only for those linstized looks, but also for its sleekness and stability.

juan said...

what's there in a theme? i love pclinuxos under whatsoever skins/themes, it gives me stable computing.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend,

I am a new user to PCLINUX OS -2007 as well as Linux. I have tried nearly 12 linux os for the one and half months. But I have come back to PCLOS-2007 for it only seems to be a complete Linux OS. But I am not able to connect to Internet through it. I am writing this email through windows xp inet connection. I am having SoftV92 Data Fax modem installed on COM3 port. But I don't know how to install the drivers. Because of internet connection requirement I am not able to switch over to Linux completely. Hope some one will help me. My pc specification are Intel pentium II- celeron 500mhz processor, 40GB HDD,Intel 810 mother board, DVD r/w, Serial mouse etc.

thanking you


manmath sahu said...

I would like to register in blogspot or mention your email id as a comment to this post so that I can suggest something.

However I could not get your line "Intel pentium II- celeron 500mhz processor, 40GB HDD,Intel 810 mother board, DVD r/w, Serial mouse etc"

You might be having a PII or a Celeron Processor, "Pentium II- celoron 500mhz processor" does not mean anything.

Well, if yours is PII or Celeron processor of that time you should better try PCLinuxOS TinyME. PCLinuxOS full version (whether Gnome or KDE) will not give desired performance.

From you problem it also seems that you should give a try to the latest Mepis Antix. It has got better hardware detection and suport capacities.

Anonymous said...

dear manmath sahu,

thank u for your prompt reply for my query on 4/408 as anonymous. Actually i am having intel celeron 500mhz processor. 192 mb ram, 40gb hdd, serial mouse intel 810 mother board and softV92 Data fax modem.

i am able to load and run pclinus os 2007 without any problem except connecting to internet.but two days ago i tried pclinux gnome-2008 live cd, but it stops at the following line with blinking of Caps and Scroll lights on the keyboard.
"PROBING SCSI DRIVES". The same has been loaded without a hitch on my office pc which is a Intel P-III processor. Could you suggest why this happens as I expect gnome 2008 version as easy as kde 2007 version.
Regarding Internet and modem configuration, The windows xp in my pc identify my modem as SoftV92 Data/Fax modem at COM3 port. so how to configure the modem in pclinux. As I like to load only pclinux GNOME OR KDE along with simply mepis-7 kindly suggest the solution. I am also having the linux drivers files supplied with my modem.

Thanking you once more for your prompt reply..

kindly note that i am not at present having any id to inform you.


manmath sahu said...


If pclinuxos was easily installed on your pc, it should detect your modem as well.

Have you tried PCLinuxOS Control Center (pcc)? Goto PCLinuxOS control center >> Setup a new network interface. And choose Modem options. It should work fine. The modem you have mentioned is readily configurable in PCLinuxOS.

However, if still you are facing problem then post it on pclinuxos forum. It is friendly community who will help you out very soon.

Thanks for posting comments.

Anonymous said...

dear manmath sahu,

thank u for your prompt reply for my query regarding modem connection.

I have one more help required from u. I have tried to load pclinus gnome-2008 on my pc. but it stops at the following line with blinking of Caps and Scroll lights on the keyboard.
The same has been loaded without a hitch on my office pc which is a Intel P-III processor. Could you suggest why this happens as I can able to load KDE version 2007 without any problem.

manmath sahu said...

actually i am unable to hit a right answer. If yours is an old pc, it has nothing do with SCSI. but don't give up perhaps Ken Dotson, the project lead of PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster will help you out.

Please visit pclinuxos gnome remaster forum at

And post your experience/problem there. Somebody will definitely help you. Also you may search PCLinuxOS forum at

Wish you good luck and a better computing experience on PCLinuxOS.

mikej said...

yours seems to be an ide case and pclinuxos should not have any problem, please check it again.

Anonymous said...

dear sahu,
last month i have asked your help regarding dial up connection. (softv92 datafax modem). last week i have loaded mandriva 2008.1 spring and i am able to connect to internet (in modem0 port). why not i am able to get connection in pclinux 2007 while it is based on mandriva. how to update pclinux 2007. i am very much interested to have pclinuxos in my pc apart from xp. another thing is mandriva could not identify my windows xp installation which is ntfs partition. i have loaded grub previously in mbr and windows xp not booted, then i have reloaded it in its root windows xp only booting. how to enable dual boot. kindly describe elaborately.
thanking u.


manmath sahu said...

hi bhaarthi,

you have done the right move to install mandriva 2008.1. i have tested it and found it very good indeed. it has read-write support to ntfs file system by default. i think you have done some error unknowingly. i would like you do a fresh install of mdv 2008.1 and be carefull to install the bootloader to mbr. you won't have any problems.

i would suggest you to work on mandriva 2008.1 till the much awaited pclinuxos 2008 final is released.

well, if you put up at delhi, you can come to my place and i will fix up the things.

best regards.

Anonymous said...

i have tried the LOS 2008 version and i cannot connect to the internet. it has detected my modem and has listed it as eth0. i have used the wizard and even manually set the ip. gateway etc.... and still nothing. i have a d-link adsl+2 dsl-502T router. i have turned the router off thru the net settings ( and is now a single line modem.....what is wrong??? please help.

manmath sahu said...

i don't see reason why i can't connect to internet. according to me your configuration is absolutely fine and pclinuxos should connect automatically. would you please ask help in pclinuxos forum? i am sure you will get there a solution shortly.

by the way, thanks for posting your comment.

Anonymous said...

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