Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PCLinuxOS, April 2008 and The Clash of Leading Linux Titans

pclinuxos and distro shootout in april
April is going to be the shootout month for leading linux distributions. With PCLinuxOS 2008 scheduled for release there are other three major distributions in the lineup with much promise, they are: Sidux 2008-1, Mandriva 2008.1 Spring, Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.

Mandriva has actually spelled its magic with 2008 version and its 2008.1 Spring edition is supposed to come with OpenOffice split packages, better hardware support and a better look-n-feel. OO.o split packaging is awaited by many. It will give users the freedom to install/remove oobase, oomath, oocalc, ooimpress, oodraw or any other packages, so the user will have a faster OO.o with just the required packages.

Sidux, Fedora and Ubuntu are giving a head-on fight with Mandriva. And PCLinuxOS is supposed to come with wait-n-watch philosophy. It will get the best features of them all hence the release may be little late, may be in this Month or the Next.

Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9 are also special in many respects. It will be a long-term support release for Ubuntu, where as Fedora 9 is slated to go for RHEL 6.

So, wait and watch.


Anonymous said...

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manmath sahu said...

Hi Kijar,
Please don't post such abusive comments for publicity. Else soon your blogger ID will be invalidated.

Gema said...

I cant wait to have both PClinuxOS and ubuntu 8.4

By the way, internet trolls like kijar should be punished without a warning

manmath sahu said...

Hi gema,

That kijar is on loose to sell some antivirus for windows and posting pointers to his website as comments in disguise. Who does in Linux world needs antivirus anyway? If kijar posts anymore such comments his/her blogger profile will go, I have already consulted to the respective google people regarding this.

By the way, you can check the latest pclinuxos gnome remaster, it seems quite a promising distro. I would like you also to check mandriva 2008.1 Spring, I have tried its beta, seems mandriva is about to regain its leadership in home desktop distros.

Thanks for posting comments on my blog.

Unknown said...

pclinuxos needs to "get real" with it's release dates and roadmaps, and dump the junky 'whenever" attitude as to release dates. I kinda understand some of the problem might be with the switch to the new KDE 4.0 branch, but after this there really won't be that much excuse.

I could compile my own crap, but then I wouldn't be using a distro, I'd be creating a new one.

manmath sahu said...

Thanks of your comment.
I completely agree with your view. But never give up on pclinuxos because it's a small team of developers who work hard to release a completely bugfree distro. You might have noticed pclos has lesser bugs compared to many other desktop distros including ubuntu. So it is like a tradeoff for better stability.
Of course, it is high time pclos community had a release.
Keep posting your comments. I value them.

Anonymous said...

mandriva 2008.1 is a disaster... its previous version was good. now all hope relies on pclinuxos full release.

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