Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Break from PCLinuxOS to Test Mandriva 2008

break from pclinuxos to test mandriva 2008We had PCLinuxOS 2007 final sometime in May 2007. It’s almost a year but the good thing is that the release may be anytime soon!

This uncertain delay has led many desktop users to try suitable alternatives such as Mepis, Mint and Mandriva. I have always liked PCLinuxOS but this time, I had it enough. I had to install PCLinuxOS 2007 on several of my friends’ notebooks and desktops on their request. Though installation of pclos on desktops was pretty smooth, it was really problematic while I tried to install on the latest notebooks. There were hiccups related mainly to device drivers and power management. And I did not like to tell every user to do a complete upgradation of their pclos notebook after installation and do some manual configuration each time. Therefore, I tried my hands on Mandriva 2008 Free DVD and it really came to me as a savior. It stood by me in every sorts of hardware across a variety of laptops and desktops.

Mandriva 2008 Free DVD includes a boatload of software alongwith the leading desktop environments such as: KDE 3.5.8 and Gnome 2.20, kernel 2.6.22 and Xorg 7.2.

Installation of Mandy 2008 was like a breeze. Whether I chose KDE or Gnome Desktop it took less than 20 minutes for a complete installation. In Mandy 2008 I noticed some great improvements enviable to many desktop wannabes. They are:

  • Fast Booting: After removing some blots such as beagle, tracker, compiz, some unnecessary applications and disabling some system services, I found it boot in 40 secs even on base notebook and desktop models.
  • Faster OpenOffice: OO.o in Mandriva 2008 seemed me the fastest of all. Just 4 secs and its up and running!
  • Great Package Management: Trimming down an installation has been my passion. I just can't stand those blots, eye-candies and unnecessary apps. So after every installation on my system or on my friends’ systems I get on to uninstallation. Here Mandriva proved to be really rock solid whereas many desktop linux will just break if you do some extreme trimming of your distro (because of the modularity and interdependence between various packages).
I have no complaints against Mandriva 2008 wherever I have installed it. It has been stable, responsive and productive till now.


Texstar said...

Your blog is not accurate. The person you are quoting is not a developer. We are shooting for beta releases towards the end of this month and full release next month if all goes well.


manmath sahu said...

Hi Tex,
Sorry for the misinformation. I have made necessary changes in blog after you figured out that inaccuracy.
Thanks for your concern.
Regards and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tex for making this announcement. I am really looking for a groundbreaking pclinuxos 2008.

Anonymous said...

everybody is expecting for a really solid pclinuxos release, because it's already past the great and best releases of mandriva, ubuntu and fedora, so it should have the best of them all.

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