Friday, May 2, 2008

PCLinuxOS for EEE PC

pclinuxos for eee pcNow PCLinuxOS is ready for EEE PC too. After Xandros, Mandriva and Xubuntu, it is bringing out its version for eeepc.

ASUS Eee PC is making more news than any other gadget in general public as well as geeks community. A computer designed by ASUS and Intel, it is famous in the subnotebook segment for a combination for great features such as: light weight, small form factor, fast performance, rugged design and low cost. Though previously it used to ship with only a stripped down Xandros Linux, today all the top leading linux distros such as Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora and PCLinuxOS are bringing out their version of releases to sit on EEE PC.

According to ASUS, the name EEE derives from "the three Es: Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play". Previous versions of EEE PC had only 2GB of flash drive, but the recent ones come with as big as 20GB of SSD and 1GB of RAM, making it a decent personal computer.

The Eee 900 series are a little larger than the 70x models - measuring 225 × 165 × 35 mm and weighing around 1 kg. The machine has a multi-touch trackpad that allow two-finger scrolling and zooming via a "pinch" gesture. It is available in both Linux and Windows XP configurations. The Linux version is named the EeePC 900 and comes with a 20 GB SSD, while the Windows XP version is named the EeePC 900 Win and has a 12 GB SSD. Reports indicate that the storage is split between two SSD devices - a 4GB SSD installed similarly to that in the 701, and the remainder in a second SSD in the expansion bay. Other important configurations are: 1 GB of RAM, 900 MHz CPU, an 8.9-inch 1024×600 LCD and a 1.3 megapixel webcam.


Anonymous said...

is the eeepclinuxos released? or is just a proposed project? because i could not find a pointer to download this pclinuxos remaster.

manmath sahu said...

EeePCLinuxOS is not final as yet.
Of course if you are interested in a Linux that better fits the latest EEE PC 900, you can give a try to Mandriva 2008.1, it's the best till PCLinuxOS rolls out the final version for eeepc.

Kj Malc said...

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