Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why Linux is not popular - an alternative view

linux is free that's why it is not popular - an alternative viewI found a very interesting blog that talks a different story about why linux is not popular desktop. While there is hue and cry about why linux userbase is mere 2% and some are blaming for lack of software and poor usability. He added one more point –
'There's one big factor in why Linux isn't popular on the desktop. Linux is free." It sounds true to me…

Here is the gist of his blog. Humans don't believe in things that come too easily or for free. Linux is having the same fate. For example, if one has brought a new computer and is getting ready to install an OS and he/she is not a techie, then he/she will most probably install Windows. Why???


  • Linux is being offered for free. Good.
  • He has access to pirated copies of windows. Also free. Good.
  • But Windows is sold for over $300, while Linux is offered for free.
Desktop world is rampant with pirated windows copies. (And I am sure Microsoft will never take any strict action against it because piracy actually help Microsoft to rise in popularity) That's why though a user can get both windows and linux for free, he/she will turn to windows because it actually costs money but he/she is fortunate to get it for free. And there is generally belief that good things cost money.

We know that Linux is worth a lot but offered for free. But why will an Average Joe care about it. For him the deal is choosing a free product vs. a $300 product.

Please read the original blog here.


deuts said...

Wordpress was also offered for free while Movable Type was once required payment. And that was the reason why WordPress overtook MT in the blogging world.

manmath sahu said...

hi deuts,
i liked your analogy very much. i just posted this blog after reading the original post. the blogger of the original article is a psychology guy who put the thoughts in so convincing manner that it sounded a real fact. but i still think the free nature of linux has some adverse affects on its publicity... though it may benefit the os in other respects...
well, it is just an alternative thought.
keeps sending your valuable comments.

Anonymous said...

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SEO India said...

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