Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Desktop Linux CDs & DVDs for South Delhi Residents

Collect free Linux CDs and DVDsHi Linux Enthusiasts, if you are staying in South Delhi you can collect the Linux Disks from me absolutely free.

One more thing I can't just post you those Linux Disks, that's why I have mentioned the residents of South Delhi as the can drive to my home easily and collect those disks.

Here is the list of those Linux CDs and DVDs:

  • PCLinuxOS 2007 - CD
  • PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe - CD
  • PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster 2008.1 - CD
  • Granular Funworks - DVD
  • Mandriva 2008 Powerpack - DVD
  • Linux Mint Daryana (Based on Ubuntu 7.10) - CD
  • Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10) - CD
  • Mepis 7 (Based on Debian Etch) - CD
  • NimbleX 2008 - CD
  • Goblinx - CD
  • Damn Small Linux (DSL) - CD
  • Fedora 8 - DVD

How to reach my home and collect those disks:
Drop at Qutub Enclave (between Qutub Hotel and Katwaria Sarai) >> Ask anybody how to get the building F2 (owner Jaswant Singh) >> Knock the ground floor. I be will there to gift you any or all of those CDs and DVDs.

Evening - 9pm to 11pm, Morning - 7am to 9am.

You can also write me at or call me on 9868636490 for any queries.


prayas sutar said...

Hi manmaths,

i'm prayas

i' came across your blog on the net and it's quite cool

i really admire software geeks and hope to be same ( though it doesn't seem that i'll be)

i'm using windows XP Professional edition and my laptop gets loaded with virus, trojans and all sorts of, you know malicious softwares

i have to run system recovery every two months

i have heard a lot about linus OSs & also their use in industry, so i want to change to linux

After digging lots of info from net i fin PClinuxOS quite cool

But i stay at Bhubaneswar and can't collect linux CD's from your house, so if you can recommend any other way of getting the same

manmath sahu said...

The best way to get linux CD is to download it from the web. Of course, for it at least you need broadband; download it through torrent or any download manager, so that you can schedule you download and there will be fear of roll back in case of download problems.

As for choosing the right linux distribution for your desktop I would recommend you to choose any one from the latest distribution from the following:

1. PCLinuxOS (It's my pick, please wait for its 2007.1 version)
2. Mepis 7
3. Linux Mint Elyssa
4. Mandriva

Have happy computing!

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