Wednesday, September 24, 2008

google launches android - powered by linux

google androidT-Mobile G1 will be the first handset to be powered by Google's Android software. The handset will be available in the UK at the time of Christmas. It sports a touch screen, 3MP camera, a Qwerty keyboard as well as "one-click" contextual search, and its tariff will be over £40 a month.

Google revolutionizes the market from time to time. Hope the Android will be the next big thing in the market. The good thing is that this device is powered by Linux.

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PS: It's no way a PCLinuxOS story but anticipating the news value of the event I posted the story here.


nikhil said...

So, what's the google's stake here? The OS is Linux and the handset provider is T-Mobile... Please mention what all google plays in Android.

manmath sahu said...

Not much. It will offer something that other VOIP service providers like Skype and Vike offer. Here the deal is about international calls. On top of all these you will be able to enjoy all the google tools and utilities at one-click. That's it!

Anonymous said...

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