Friday, October 24, 2008

PCLinuxOS 2009 1st Beta Released on 18th Oct. 2008

pclinuxos 2009 1st beta released on 18 Oct. 2009Tex and the Ripper Gang brought a breath of fresh air to desktop computing on linux with the 1st beta release of PCLinuxOS 2009. It sports kernel, KDE 3.5.10, Open Office 2.4.1, Firefox 3.0.3, Thunderbird, Frostwire, Ktorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Compiz-Fusion 3D and more.

I downloaded it and installed on my low-cost compaq laptop - 1GB RAM, 1.84GHz Celeron M CPU, X3100 Graphics Card, Intel HDA Sound, and Broadcom WLAN Card. It's just 2nd day with pclos2009 beta, and I am happy. Everything works out of box. I am happy that pclinuxos people are sticking to KDE 3.5.10. But I think it would be better if Tex and the RG will update kernel to 2.6.27 and OO.o to 3.0. I have experienced both these in Mandy 2009, and found them to be really good. Better still if the final comes with GO-OO or OxygenOffice.

This 1st beta of PCLinuxOS 2009 is many ways better than Mandriva 2009 final! That means, the pclos 2009 final will be a revolution like its predecessor 2007.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this inormation. is there any ppc version of this?

manmath sahu said...


sorry, i could not get "ppc". if you mean powerpack by ppc, then the answer is no. pclinuxos doesn't offer anything like the powerpack offered by mandriva. but you can subscribe to pass server. visit for more info on pass server.

manmath sahu said...

hi azanian,

sorry, for not making out what ppc meant in my previous answer to your comment.

the fact is as for now, there is no ppc version of pclinuxos. and it seems it is not likely soon, as the developers are busy at the moment to bring out pclinuxos 2009 final.

but you can join and and get info regarding various versions of pclinuxos.

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comments.

best regards.

Linboy said...

Forget pclinuxos 2009 final until March or April of 2009. It seems after a beta release, the project is facing some problems. In addition, Tex has taken break for some personal reasons. But it seems it will be really a stable release like that of pclinuxos 2007, when it finally comes.

manmath sahu said...


Please don't guess the PCLinuxOS 2009 release. It will be released when it's really ready for public consumption. That means quality will determine its release time, not time. However, I don't think that the final release will stretch so far away till April.

bunlacken said...

I installed pclos 2009 and what a great look it has.
1. However formatting system is complicated, while setting up a 5g/ mount and 28 /usr they switched and I would up with two mount partitions. Didithe mount 3 times before using pclos small to partition the drive.
2. keyboard ceased to function after 30 min, checked the setup and it was right. reinstalled 2 times with the same result.
pclos 2007 I use constantly and like very much.
Sorry but I know it's beta and it has a few bugs.
Great show.

bunlacken said...

Burned a new disk to-day and the partitioning problems have cleared up, now the only problem I found is recognizing a USB portable drive.. yep got the breaking glass result... and not having a repositorie available makes me feel helpless but it's worth waiting for.
I know everyone is working like blases to get it right and thanks to you guys PclinuxoS will continue to be top's.

AseriesGuy said...

PCLINUOS absolutely will not install on 2 of the 3 AMD64 based machines I have. UBUNTU works but I have to use that ridiculous NDISWRAPPER. The live CD for 2009 beta 3 works great but the installs always fail during boot. The 2007 version even the live CD will not boot. 2009 had the absolute best WLAN setup ever so I am wondering has anyone in development heard of AMD64 machines with SATA. I have had my MSI for 3 years with no non-Linux problems.

manmath sahu said...

I would strongly suggest you to wait till PCLinuxOS 2009 is released or install Mepis 8.0. Mepis has very good WLAN configuration options, and don't have to search for firmware and all that. Overall, it is very latest, stable and usable distro.

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