Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PCLinuxOS Zen 2008

3 days back I was just browsing and I landed on via its "community remasters" link. Pclosbe is the answer to the major linux desktops/servers for corporate deployment. In the project page what caught my eye on pclosbe is "PCLinuxOS Zen 2008". It is a rip-off of PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME that sports a GNOME desktop.

Brought by the PCLinuxOS Gnome crew, it is a very good looking mini distro with all the ease and comforts of PCLinuxOS. Expert users who love gnome desktop looking for a minimal PCLinuxOS install should use this one. I liked this remaster very much for its speed, stability and usability.

Read more about Zen

Download PCLinuxOS Zen 2008


Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Hello manmaths,

zen2008.0mini OR any other PCLinuxOS based distro would be good but the point is they have locked/freeze the repos and you get nothing so no matter what distro you are using it is going to be a stale PCL . Nobody knows when will they unlock the repos.

Im pursuing Lapis Linux from Turkey . It is based on PCL but not a remaster,they are doing everything from zero themselves.

I used the previous version and it was good to start with. Currently they are in the process of Lapis Linux 1.0.2 RC4 and this time it will support english too.

Sadly if PCL development goes with this pace I have to move on, either to Lapis Linux or SIDUX.

best wishes.

manmath sahu said...

thanks saleem for stopping by and dropping this comment. it's true that there has been irregular repo-freezing. but i am hopeful that after a couple of months these issues will go.

however, i will definitely try Lapis. i am sure it must be good.

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

Do test Lapis Linux ,

I am posting these comments from Lapis Linux desktop and even though it is under "real heavy development" I find it very stable.

Just one precuation: It`s all turkish but dont get scared :)

just F2 at boot and choose english then on dekstop set locale to US and logout and again as root install it.

once installed remove locale turkish and you are all set to go.

Hope to hear from you sooner how it went for you.

Anonymous said...


i am a new pclinuxos convert. i recently switched from ubuntu. and can i just say WOW!:) i had no idea.

incidentally, i migrated due 2 a kernel panic that gave me a constant headache. i tried repeatedly 2 solve my issue but out of sheer frustration, i decided 2 start again - so i shredded my drive, then took pclinuxos 4 a test drive. impressive:)

btw- no offense 2 ubuntu. luv em dearly but i have 2 say... watch out! big daddy coming thru:)

1 thing, in particular, that u wrote really hit it: u mentioned in a post that pclinux focused on stability - not rush release. i really like that. something about updating that really crashed me.

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