Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ahoy! Granular 1.0 Released

Granular Linux LogoWelcome Granular 1.0 aka Esto Vox! Lead developer Anurag Bhandari has announced the release of Granular Linux 1.0, a PCLinuxOS-based desktop distribution which brings with it solid stability, out-of-the-box usefulness, great multimedia experience, support for running Windows software, and much more in a Live CD. The current release embraces Linux kernel, KDE 3.5.10, Firefox 3.0.4, Thunderbird, KOffice 1.6.3, Compiz Fusion 0.7.6, GIMP 2.6.3 and Wine 1.0.1. What's more, Granular has its own new repository.

Visit Granular Linux Project to know more

Download Granular 1.0

Granular 1.0 Screenshots


stx said...

great distro!

Anonymous said...

Can it dual boot with Windows 7 ..?? i really want to try this out and install it, but only if its possible to dual boot it..can anyone give some tips..?

manmath sahu said...

Yes! It can easily dual boot with Windows 7.

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