Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Desktop Linux - Felicia Failed in My Office - Part 2

Those who are interested in what the Part 1 was please read it here.

Where did I leave you last time? Oh! We had our way from a bad Linux Mint Experience to Fedora 10. That administrator took almost a week to install Fedora on all the desktops. There were several problems (more than that of Linux Mint) related to internet connectivity, wi-fi configuration and many others specially related to internet access and web services, all of which are crucial for a Search Engine Compay in India like us.

Strange, we had to struggle our way to just maintain internet connectivity, and manage wi-fi alongwith ethernet. On several occasions the net_applet would just vanish and require us to manually run the command to activate it again. The biggest annoyance with Fedora 10 was working on the FTP client. We first tried it on FileZilla, then gftp, and then ftp. Every time the client would download just 5kb of data and then get stuck until we kill it. The next big annoyance was to maintain continuous connectivity with mail accounts in pidgin. The last pain in the ass was that Fedora 10 was slow like turtle. No doubt, booting was quite fast and sophisticated but the real problem came along when running many applications together. With as few as 10 applications running, after pressing ALT+F2 we had to wait around 4 secs for RUN dialong box to appear.

Fedora 10 was a no-go situation. Now, it was the turn for PCLinuxOS 2009.1 shine. Tomorrow, our office is ready to go Linux with PCLinuxOS. Many are still sceptic about PCLOS, but I am confident, it will create a cult of linux-conversion among our employees.

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