Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 Desktop Tweaks on PCLinuxOS 2009.1 Gnome Remaster

1. Give your desktop an XP Look-n-Feel

Blame Redmond how much you can, but you can't deny the fact that XP has been the longest ruling (rules still, may be windows 7 will change the scenario) beast on desktops. That means the default XP theme is the most familiar interface to all. You can also change your Gnome Desktop to look like XP Luna. Download this package, extract it and run the shell script.

pclinuxos 2009.1 gnome remaster with xp luna theme

2. Lock the Gnome Desktop Panel

If you like simple computing and clean desktop, this tweak will help you. Open gconf-editor and check the box in /apps/panel/global/locked_down as mentioned in the screenshot. Now, your panel and panel icons are locked!

lock down pclinuxos gnome 2009.1 panel and items

3. Keep the Application Title to the Left

By default application titles in Linux is aligned to middle of titlebar, but you can keep it to extreme left after removing the menu. Open gconf-editor and change the values of /apps/metacity/general/button_layout to ":minimize,maximize,close" (without quotes) as mentioned in the screenshot. Now your application windows have just two items - application title on extreme left and "minimize, maximize, close" buttons on the extreme right!

change pclinuxos 2009.1 gnome remaster titlebar properties

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