Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Chrome OS Preview

google chrome os preview
Yesterday Google raised curtains on its yet to come Chrome OS, the new OS based on Linux and the Chrome browser. Though Chrome OS final will reach users approx. after a year google threw some more hints on how it will look and work.

It's going to be Web OS - the entire system will run in the Chrome browser. The browser is the place that will show up your USB drive contents, Google Apps (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, and Google Docs among others). It will use an SSD to speed up the system, the rest everything will live in the cloud. So, it's clear that the Google Chrome OS is for those who primarily use the web.

Being a totally opensource project, it's clear that it can be made (by enthusiasts) to run on regular desktops and laptops. Well, wait and watch, there is still a year to go. For more info visit Google Blog.

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