Sunday, February 7, 2010

PCLinuxOS 2010 is Shaping Up

pclinuxos 2010While browsing pclinuxos repos I came across "". The version label "2010" in that ftp URL caught my attention. Finally, PCLinuxOS is shaping up for a 2010 release!

Last time it was a great decision by Tex and the Gang to stick with KDE 3.5.10 on their 2009.2 release. They played safe for the welfare of the community and the users, while many desktop-wannabes plunged into KDE4 line. Now that KDE 4 has become a lot more stable and feature-complete, it's time for a release.

Seems PCLinuxOS has been following a feature-based (not time-based) release schedule (call it rolling release, it's ready when it's ready, or whatsoever). And it's good for all. In all guesses PCLinuxOS will ride on kernel 2.6.31 or above under the skin of KDE 4.4 (soon to be released). Of course, there are a lot of other goodies - tools, apps, and may be many overhauling of boot process, artwork and the overall integration.

Just my pinch of thought. Like before, there has been no announcement from pclos team. It's ready when it's ready.


[stx] said...

i would like more KDE 3.5.10-line with PCLinuxOS (like Mepis).

Mepis 8.0.x -> KDE 3.5.x-line
Mepis 8.5.x -> KDE 4.x-line

Anonymous said...

I loved PCLinuxOS2007.
It was the first Linux I thought was ready for my folks and the only one in those days that just worked out of the box.

However, since KDE4.2 came out, Ive gradually switched everybody in my family to it.
I still think 3.5 is a good OS but it feels dated and you have to embrace change and new technologies.

I still prefer the 'rolling' way instead of the every 6 months dance.
Of course, this way means that you generate no buzz or hype like the others do.
But that's only important to those kinds of people who buy items for their logo.

I can not wait to see what Texstar and the gang have lined up.
From 2007 to 2009, there was no distro that came close to giving such good out of the box experience, not even my beloved Mandriva.
That's why I cant wait for 2010 to come out.

tarun said...

PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta 1 has been released on 8th march'10. Please use it & enjoy all the latest feature including it. like kernet 2.6.32, Kde-4 support, Firefox-3.6 etc.

hitesh said...

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