Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PCLinuxOS 2010 Rocks Even in the Beta Stage

PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta

The wait is over! Tex and the Rippers announced PCLinuxOS 2010 on 6th March, 2010. Final iso is very close.

PCLinuxOS-2010.beta1 has gathered all the goodies: latest kernel with BFS scheduler, full ext4 support, KDE 4.4.1 SC and the latest applications. Besides, users having more than 4Gig of RAM can pull in a PAE kernel from the repo.

In many ways pclos 2010 is a big leap/rewrite for faster startup, better hardware detection/configuration and consistent/unified look across KDE/GTK2 themes. 2010 edition carries plymouth bootsplash and speedboot technology. Needless to say, it still bears the tex-stability and -usability, the halmarks of this distro.

I am using the beta for last 3 days and not experienced a bit of problem till now. You can use it too though the official suggestion is to use its final.

Please visit www.pclinuxos.com for more.Link
Some Download links:

Size: 693.91 mb
md5sum – c027f63d211304059b522433e2a48a16


tarun said...

Dear All,

Its now time to enjoy the Beta2 version of PclunuxOS. I got surprised to know the release of its Beta2 version within a week. And I think if the progress remains same the Finial release will come soon.


manmath sahu said...

Thanks Tarun for dropping by. Actually, PCLinuxOS team is churning nice things quite fast. But the release of final version is not time bound. They will make it public when all the bugs are squashed.

cidtux said...

my modem ZTE AC2726 only plug n play in pclinuxos 2010 beta 1&2... and connect instantly, better than other distros..

pclinuxos great...


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