Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome PCLinuxOS 2010

Good news for all who are looking for a Mature "Just-Works" Desktop. PCLinuxOS 2010 bandwagon is released. This time Tex and the Gang has offered 7 releases:   Main KDE Desktop, KDE MiniMe Desktop, Gnome Desktop, Gnome ZenMini Desktop, LXDE Desktop, XFCE Desktop and Openbox Desktop.

PCLinuxOS 2010 Main KDE edition features Kernel kernel (for maximum desktop performance) and full KDE 4.4.2 Desktop. PCLinuxOS includes all of the latest popular applications such as Firefox 3.6.3, Thunderbird 3.0.4, Dropbox for online backup storage, Pidgin 2.6.6,  Kymoney, Ktorrent, Gimp, Digikam, Amarok, Smplayer and much much more. In addition there are over 12,000+ additional packages available from our software repository.

As always there is support for Nvidia and ATI fglrx drivers. Many new wireless cards and printers are supported as well. Plus 2010 release is able to play the popular multimedia. Other versions (Gnome, Zen, LXDE...) have got the respective latest desktop environments and applications.

Download PCLinuxOS 2010


Joel Z. said...

PCLOS RULES!!! Thanks by the post.

Anonymous said...

I was using PCLinuxOS2007 at my distro for family and friends up until KDE4.2 came when I switched to Mandriva but I cant wait to give this version a try.

PCLinuxOS was the distro that I first installed on my parents computers and that save me from the shackles of doing Windows tech support (always the same song and dance).

Let me be clear, 3 years ago, PCLinuxOS was absolutely the best and friendliest newbie distro around. While others fumbled with Wifi, PCLOS just worked.

I think the desktops have moved incredibly over the past 3 years and that the difference between PCLinuxOS and the others will be smaller than 3 years ago but the memory of doing 25-30 installs with it that went amazingly well is still fresh in my mind.

I have trust in Tex and the gang and look forward to PCLinuxOS being again my go to distro.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded and was trying to install this distro on my laptop when I came up against a problem.

Needless to say I went to my desktop and was going to register online and ask for help in the forum.

Low and behold the powers that be believe my "hotmail" address is a throwaway address.

As a Linux Distro that has a purpose to win over MS users, this seems strange. Do these idiots who run that forum believe I will throw away my address that I have had for years so I can come before them in a humble manner by using an address that they deem worthy?

Sorry, not going to happen, they can keep their unfriendly distro to themselves. Talk about excluding people who use a hotmail address. I will find another distro to try.

Thanks but no thanks PClinuxOS, you may consider my hotmail address a throwaway, but I don't!

A very disgruntled want to be user!

manmath sahu said...

Hi Disgruntled,
Your saying doesn't make pclos unfriendly. Besides, on the forum a member might have said your hotmail id is a throwaway, in a lighter sense (it's on of the most friendliest forums where the devs themselves guide the users). And you took it to heart. Easy, please post what's the problem you faced with pclos, here we'll try to resolve it. Of course, the forum is a great help and you should visit it.

BTW, pclinuxos 2010 is a great release, plz have some more time with this venerable distro.

Wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply about my hotmail address.

Actually, no one on the forum has said my address is a throw away, the registration process will not let me use the address to register for the forum.

It states:"


As a linux distro that purports to be the distro for a window user to try, it seems extremely stupid not to allow MS users to use their Hotmail address.

Get the Head of the forum to change this idiotic policy and you might get me coming to try and solve my install problem.

There is only one word for this policy, arrogant!

Damian said...

I understand that PCLOS is a "rolling release" model - does this hold true only for the main KDE version, or for the other community versions (Lxde, Openbox &c) too?

manmath sahu said...

Hi Damian,
PCLinuxOS' rolling-release model holds true for all its versions - KDE, Gnome, XFCE, LXDE.... all.

Damian said...

Thanks - I think I'll give it a try! But maybe not KDE, my laptop is about three years old (AMD X2 1.8 GHz with a Radeon Xpress graphics card).

manmath sahu said...

Hi Damian,
Yours a decent box to run PCLOS KDE version. Of course, you may try whichever flavor you like.

Anonymous said...

I just switched from a "long term support" distro that is far less stable and far more troublesome than it's "short term" predecessor. After a few updates the darned thing won't even boot up. I was hoping that by using a Long Term Support version I would be free of the (admittedly minor) annoyance of re-installing my OS for three years. But it balks on my computer after only two months, so I'm trying out this great rolling release distro I've heard so much about. I think I played with it once about a year ago and hard some kinda hardware issue with it. But today PCLinuxOS (Xfce) is flawless and fast. Who needs "long term support" when "rolling release" is available?!

So far so good. PCLinuxOS rocks!

Lenin.D said...

Hey guys,
I read a lot about PCLinuxOS one day back and it seems that this could be the answer to the incompatability that other 'user friendly' distros like Ubuntu have.
I tried out this OS today ( the installation was a pain because MY hardware isn't up to the mark, namely, my DVD drive isn't working, si I had to create a bootable USB and install from there) and I think this has the potential to convert many windows users.
However, I am using the KDE (main) version and feel like a noob after having many months experience with GNOME Ubuntu. First thing I realised is that Firefox option of setting an image as background doesn't work. Also, searching Google for hours on ways of installing themes like how GNOME used to allow you to didn't help much. I don't want to go through another forum registration, so I hope someone here will help me out.

Just to add - one thing that makes newbies go away from Linux distros is the very fact that it's highly customizable and gives the user 'total control.' Using an OS is like dating, one needs to have its own set style and personality. You don't want to have total control and power over your date. So, I hope soon these distros will have design teams to make a uniform look and interface that is suited for 95% of the people without requiring them to raise a finger to hunt through system settings to 'improve' their OS looks.

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