Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HP Linux Servers

I never had a bad time configuring HP printers, scanners and computers on linux. The company has been keeping up closely with Linux to support its Linux Desktop and Server lines. Though there are a few linux desktop offerings (of course you put linux on any of its hardware), it has a considerable server line providing top performance, flexibility and reliability for the most demanding applications.

You get more when you choose an HP Server with a Linux operating system (preferably SLE, RHEL or CentOS). The company offered preinstalled servers or provides everything you customize your installation. Technical support for preinstalled SUSE Linux Enterprise or Red Hat Enterprise Linux on your HP Server is just a call away.

Most ProLiant & BladeSystem Servers (x86) are enabled on community (CentOS) and regional Linux distributions. HP provides management agents and drivers to simplify the operation and management of CentOS on HP ProLiant servers for free! Besides, HP hosts a Linux Forum where you can give and receive help, tips, and opinions.

Here is a list of HP ProLiant Server line on Linux

ML Servers:
HP ProLiant ML 300 Series (G5 & G6)

DL Servers:
HP ProLiant DL 300 Series (G5 & G6)
HP ProLiant DL 500 Series (G5 & G6)

BL Servers:
HP ProLiant BL 200c Series (G5 & G6)
HP ProLiant BL 400c Series (G5 & G6)
HP ProLiant BL 600c Series (G5 & G6)


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