Sunday, August 22, 2010

HP Offers Linux Workstations

Configuring hardware perfectly with Linux sometimes involves fights. Most often linux sits well on modern hardware, but when it doesn't there are hacks and workarounds, but that doesn't always go well. Occasionally devices don't perform the way the manufacture designed it to. However, HP has made it easy by offering linux pre-installed workstations.

With over two decades of UNIX library and device driver focus, the company has become a leader in refining, enabling and testing linux on systems with latest releases and drivers. Plus, the company also leverages its partnership worth name brand hardware/software vendors such as Red Hat, Novell, AMD, Intel, nVidia, ATI and others.

By choosing HP personal desktops/notebooks with linux, you get a fully configured/optimized desktop with Suse (SLED) or Red Hat (RHEL), tested and certified by the respective Linux giants. With the workstation HP offers an HP Installer Kit for Linux, linux user manual, and enough literature (release notes, setup tips, faqs & more).

HP now has Hardware Support Matrix, a detailed online tool providing the latest support information to help you determine the minimum SLED or RHEL update versions required for perfect operation.

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