Saturday, August 7, 2010

StarDict Dictionary - the Real Star!

Whether on Windows, Mac or linux a word look-up application has been my priority from the very day I first started working on a computer. And on the way I have used OALD (soft copy of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary), Wordweb, Wordnet, Dict and many others, for some time. But it was Stardict where I finally settled. The greatest dictionary/encyclopedia lookup program ever created. The pro's of this program is that - it's very responsive, very very contextual, and supports tons of dictionaries. If you recognise the power of OSS by Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Linux Hosting, Jumla and many others, you should give Stardict a try!

What's So Great About it?

It's a Cross-Platform international dictionary Software that supports all the major international languages. It has powerful features such as Glob-style pattern matching, Scan selection word, Fuzzy query and contextual action. In combination with FreeDict it becomes a great translation software also. StarDict runs on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Tablet OS and Solaris.

The Interface

Where to Get StarDict?

You can get binaries of StartDict for Windows, Mac, BSD and various flavors of Linux at But the best way to go, if you are using a Linux Desktop is installing the packages from your distro's official repository. All the major/mainstream linux distributions have StarDict in their repos.

StarDict Packages for Debian Lenny

Supported Dictionaries

Dictionaries of your choice can be installed separately. User can visit, download the packages and extract them at /usr/share/stardict/dic directory. That's it!

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