Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Get Rid of "Unlock Keyring" Message in Linux after You Changed Login Password

I've been running Linux Mint Julia for a quite a long time now. Only yesterday I updated the entire system (including kernel, firefox, chromium, openoffice, pidgin and all that). Also changed my Login password due to some security reasons. No ugly surprises. No lag in performance. But everytime I started chromium browser it popped up a "Login keyring" message that read "Enter password to unlock your login keyring".

It seems Seahorse uses the login password as master password to unlock its passphrases. Sadly, when the user changes the password, it is not updated to Seahorse and that "Login keyring" popup comes up.

Visited both Mint and Ubuntu fora for a fix. All the solutions there from were pointing to Seahorse (two items in System >> Preferences: Passwords and Encryption Keys, and Encryption and Keyrings).

However, the easiest and unfailing fix to avoid this message it is to remove the ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring.


stlouisubntu said...

I have seen numerous fixes for this (mostly relative to autologin scenarios) and the one I found to be the most helpful and the most balanced approach is:

shivadaasan said...

Please help me to install ibus in PCLOS for tamil language

manmath sahu said...

Shivadaasan, you can easily pull in ibus and indic language/locale pack from pclinuxos repository. Next, I am sure you'll easily get your way around. And in case of any problem visit PCLinuxOS forum, the members will promptly help you out.

random said...

Thanks, solved the same problem for firefox as well.

frauzufall said...

Thanks, solved the same issue with firefox as well.

benhuan said...

Thank you very much.

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