Thursday, March 22, 2012

I don't need sex, gnome 3 fu*ked me in the brain

I am not just another gnome 3 hater in the most fashionable and popular way. That's, though I don't like the way it defies the traditional workflow, the biggest problem for me, is something else. It's the shoddy quality of the software, even after one year of its initial release.

Forget the usability, still the gripes are many, ranging from its integration into the system to how it talks with various other core components such as graphics, desktop effects, and the overall stability.

As for usability, I'm ok with putting a few extensions to tweak the desktop behavior, but not, if my graphic card crawls on this new desktop. Searched every forum, tried with gallium3d, failed. Installed catalyst plus vaapi with gstreamer and vlc backends. Still no-go. I am sorry, it's not for me. Moreover, my system wearing this new gnome skin coughs every now and then. Sometimes it stays irresponsive for quite long. That's simply unacceptable.

My Radeon HD 6310 flies on both gnome 2.32 and kde 4.8. I know I may achieve the same performance after some more workaround. Same with system irresponsiveness. But who cares!

 Shoddy software quality, defiant community and bad usability = Gnome 3

How has been your gnome 3 ride? Please don't flame on the task management and workflow, just mention how stable the whole stack has been so far?


Anonymous said...

I HATED Gnome 2, so Gnome 3 is like diarreah lite.

I tried Linux about 4-5yrs ago and would have went back to XP had someone not told me there was more to it that Linux-Gnome. (enter PCLOS2007)

To each his own but making a bad thing worse isnt exactly a horrible thing. Its just different AND horrible.

Of course Fisher-Unity is a whole different ball of wax.

Thank god for choice.

P-Walms said...

Honestly I love it! Disliked Unity (side bar took to long to show, the right window would never open, it was slow, etc ), loved Gnome 2, disliked KDE 2, have yet to try KDE 3 (looks apealing though), enjoy LXDE/XFCE on older systems.

As far as speed and stability, I've found that depends on the system. Its been very stable in Fedora and Ubuntu 12.04 on a Thinkpad T61. Pre 12.04 I found it unstable and slower. Havn't tried it in other distros.

Sometimes the workflow feels cluttered but overall the exposeish feature works well. Love all the little keyboard/mouse shortcuts. Plus its pretty as hell.

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