Thursday, September 13, 2007

PCLinuxOS 2007 Gnome Remaster - Versatile Personality with a Simple Look

I had been looking for the official PCLinuxOS Gnome version since 2005. Thanks God, it’s now in the making. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say when its slated date of the big showdown.

By the way, I came across a Gnome remaster of PCLinuxOS 2007 at

KDE, the default desktop for PCLinuxOS is good, but I prefer the Gnome desktop for my home. Because, it is fast and simple.

After the hitting the download link I frowned a while, is it worth downloading? Yes, it was worth all the pain I took to download via my 128KB cable line.

Let’s discuss how it is different from PCLinuxOS KDE versions. It featurs kernel, Gnome 2.20.2, Gnome office apps, Firefox, Frostwire, Bittorent, Xmms, Flash, JRE, Compiz and a tons of multimedia applications. For installation it takes little more than 2GB space.

The installation is seamless and same as that of PCLinuxOS 2007 KDE. You can use the same repositories that you do with PCLinuxOS 2007 and install/update almost 7000 packages.

Linuxgator also has a lighter Gnome version based off TinyME. Download link

This lighter version is suitable for remastering that will fit on a 700MB disk.

Gusto! Linuxgator, you have done a good job!


Anonymous said...

are there any vendors that sell PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster disk?

manmath sahu said...

You can't get PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster disks from any vendors, till the official PCLinuxOS Gnome is released. All you have do is to download the iso image directly or through torrent.

There is another way, just put your address details. Or mail me your address at I will send you my copy of PSLOS Gnome.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try PCLinuxOs as I have problems with suspend hibernate in ubuntu and no solution work for me, thanks for review

manmath sahu said...

hi dohan,
i also had the same problem with ubuntu gutsy, but the latest updated pclinuxos fixed it all.

Anonymous said...

please update the pointers to pclinuxos gnome remaster, the version and downloading url have been changed.

How about this