Sunday, September 16, 2007

PCLinuxOS Wins the Desktop War

It is 6:00 am IST, and I am happy to announce that PCLinuxOS 2007 won the desktop war. For last three day I was out of my home and office. On returning home I hit distrowatch, but could not connect to its server. Perhaps it’s down or under some severe attack. No matter, I found the full lilst of its mirrors which are:

Czech Republic:

PCLinuxOS wins the desktop war

I don’t know what the statistics was for last three days, but today, on checking its USA mirror I found that PCLinuxOS 2007 is marching ahead of many desktops, it has got 2522 HPD and Ubuntu is the close second with 2517 (Please look at the screenshot above). I am sure PCLinuxOS will continue to lead, probably with more HPD for a long time.

Well, what made our beloved Tux, PCLinuxOS the leader of Linux desktops?

I regularly visit PCLinuxOS website. It talks plan, no hypes, no hoopla, no fanaticism, nothing… The Linux community has warmed up to its power, performance and people-oriented approach. It’s stable, usable and fast. Let’s wait for its Official Gnome Version.

If anyone knows the PCLinuxOS Gnome Project Schedule, please mail me or post the schedule as a comment on the blog. I will be highly grateful.

Happy Computing!



danny said...

Good to see the announcement. PCLinuxOS proved quality wins over all the hoopla, hearsay etc.

fedora-guy said...

have anybody noticed the distro ranks recently? PCLinuxOS is now loosing the battle to Ubuntu.

pclinuxos is a good os but owing to its almost uncertain release cycle and conservative approach (in package updation) it seems no good in the fast changing linux world.

manmath sahu said...

thanks for your comments.
you are right ubuntu is always in news for its frequent and timely releases, and pclinuxos has not been that frequent in bringing new releases though its repository is always updated. any user can make his pclinuxos the latest simply through synaptic. of course, an updated iso would have been better for many users.

coming back to distrowatch ranking. pclinuxos has always stirred the ranking with its new releases and bet me when its 2008 full release comes it will beat all the leading desktop linux distros.

always-slacker said...

nobody should judge the importance of a linux distro only as per the distrowatch rankings...

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