Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PCLinuxOS Remaster Guide

Why should one remaster the already FIT and FINE PCLinuxOS?

There are a lots of reasons behind it, all for providing the users with a more personalized experience. The major two reasons are:

  • To distribute personalized PCLinuxOS CDs remastering it with more applications to the persons who can't access the repositories or who can't do the necessary configuration, if required. There are several reasons you might want to do this such as setting up a complete gaming system on a disk, cd, or dvd, to take anywhere with you. Themes and applications added to or subtracted from the basic PCLinuxOS system just the way you want it.

  • Linux home desktop users have a tendency (call it good or bad) to switch from one distro to the other. But they came back to the good one. I had used PCLinuxOS two years back, then switched Ubuntu, Mepis, Mandriva One, Blag, and here I am again working on PCLinuxOS. Of Course, now I am sticking to it. For those flirting users (like me), remastering helps a lot. I modified PCLinuxOS as per my choice and remastered it, so that next time I will just install it, no more configuration.

How to remaster PCLinuxOS?

It is damn simple, only the term "remaster" makes it sound little complicated.

If you just want to remaster your system as a backup it is just entering mklivecd new.iso or remasterme from your terminal as superuser. Only PCLinuxOS Preview 0.93a Big Daddy comes with remasterme by default.

How can I get more help on PCLinuxOS remastering?

For more help on remastering enter mklivecd --help.


Martha said...

Can i add some extra packages into PCLinuxOS and use it in windows.

manmath sahu said...

you can't use pclinuxos in windows!

How about this