Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Re: PCLinuxOS - the new Number One distribution

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I went through your pilot editorial (DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 220, 17 September 2007): "PCLinuxOS - the new Number One distribution," wherein distrowatch wrote, "Being number one on DistroWatch does NOT mean that PCLinuxOS is the most popular distribution, nor does it mean that it is the best distribution; it simply means... ..."

If any means I have to go by distrowatch's opinionthat PCLinuxOS's high HPD is not the only criterion of its being the desktop leader, then I must say at least Ubuntu has never been a leader.

The reasons are plain. First, the Ubuntu hoopla is created by its rapid release cycle and more than dozens of its official and unofficial respins. People's choice for Ubuntu has been to some extent, is shaped by this condition. And second, the Canonical connection + Shipit program. You must agree, internet has not penetrated to most parts of the third world. They can't download even the LiveCDs, let alone the jumbo Linux DVDs. They just go by Ubuntu's Shipit program.

By this I don't mean to say that Ubuntu is not a good distro, I have no personal grudge with Ubuntu, Shipit or Mark (the patron). I am happy that they help so many linux wannabe's.

But... but... I have tried both Ubuntu Feisty and PCLinuxOS 2007 for quite a long time now. And I found PCLinuxOS is better in all respects. So, no more political play, if people said Ubuntu is a leader for all the undue adulation, they must, now, agree that PCLinuxOS is a good desktop, for all the good reasons.

Believe it, or not.


jenny said...

manmath, you are right. pclinuxos would be 10 times more popular, should it come with frequent cycles and should it get a godfather like Mark.

manmath sahu said...


I could not understand your comment, probably it is in Portugese.
If you will reveal your identity, post comments in English as a registered user of blogspot, then then we might head somewhere. I will definitely give you a link from my blog or create a section for your website crescenet, if it is related linux or pclinuxos, in anyways.

ubuntuworld said...

pclinuxos is no more no.1 distro, ubuntu has regained the leadership through hardy heron.

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