Sunday, September 9, 2007

PCLinuxOS - Views of a non-tech Windows convert to Linux

Through this post Sudhansu Sekhar, a non-tech home desktop user, wants to convey his Linux Love to the world.

He just wants things get done. He has no interest in knowing how it all happens - what's kernel, why Linux is more secure and most importantly, what's that OS thing anyway. He could have created his own blog, but then, why put an extra hour creating a blog and toil maintaining it?

But I dragged him to my desk, just to tell the world "how PCLinuxOS can be very much usable to a non-tech user having not much knowledge of the system internals". Here is how he puts his experience...
I never thought, I will ever use PCLinuxOS. Simple, I never really cared! The last 5+ years of my PC experience is restricted to web browsing, editing and documentation, image manipulation and at times audio/video playback. To put it plainly, I am not familiar with PC usage in corporate environment. I am only upto the home desktop.

I liked PCLinuxOS for very simple reason that I have never experienced any virus, malware, trojans, whatsoever, though I roam around the web the whole day out. When I was using Windows XP SP2, I had the following problems:
  • Infections during data transfer: brontok (the infamous file/folder duplicator), adobe.exe, ravmon.exe, mss*d.dll, folder.htt, desktop.ini, autorun.inf, don't really recall there are so many...

  • Infections while browsing the web: trojans, a lot lot lots of virus, spyware, adware, malware, you might also be facing many such menaces.....
The repercussions were very tragic, sometimes I got pointers to unwanted webpages, sometimes abrupt system shutdown, low system responsiveness, etc.

With PCLOS I enjoy good times with my computer. It's as usable (even more) as Windows. Take my word, you will feel at home. You can get your regular chores done efficiently. Use it to believe it.


Anonymous said...

it's good. and it needs no adulation. it's already a hero. it won my heart. but i need some help. i'm unable to use the wordnet. it's frontend is not working. when i click on wordnet launcher, it simply does not respond. what to do?

manmath sahu said...

there are two ways to solve the issue.

1. check your version of wordnet and install another version of it, in many cases it works (there are many reasons behind it).
2. stop using wordnet frontend. you can still look up word meanings, by runing its cli - wn.
$ wn word -over (substitute word with your word)
also look for man pages of wn you can get several handy options.

plea: register yourself at blogspot.

chinchinchun said...

Just asking, does pclinuxos plan to bring kernel 2.6.25 and xorg 1.5 with its 2008 full release or will it stick to those old stuff. Also, it damn late to release.

How about this