Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some very good PCLinuxOS URLs

PCLinuxOS website:

PCLinuxOS forum:

PCLinuxOS 2007 wiki:

PCLinuxOS magazine:

PCLinuxOS community projects:

PCLinuxOS at distrowatch:

PCLinuxOS Gnome Spins:

PCLinuxOS 2007 download:


Anonymous said...

though i've PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster copy from Linuxgator, i am really looking for the Official Gnome Version. Would anybody please tell me when it'll be released? I am unable to track its updates.

manmath sahu said...

hello anonymous,
first, i would request you and other anonymous clans to please register themeselves at blogspot, so that we can keep up ourselves tracked on the topics, issues, question and of course, answers. anonymity is not a good thing.

well, now on to your answer. i am also waiting for the official gnome release of pclinuxos. in fact, thousand others are waiting for an announcement by pclinuxos and glimpse of the beta of pclinuxos gnome on distrowatch. however, i will make you aware as soon as the version is out and available.

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