Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PCLinuxOS - DOS vs. Linux Commands

Linux geeks love the Command line, because it is simple, fast, cool and highly intuitive. Besides, it offers more options to do certain task. For example, compare video encoding in mencoder (the cli program that often comes bundled with mplayer) with any other gui application. Using mencoder you can play with encoding changing the parameters the way you like, but while using a gui applications you can use only the preset values.

Well, those who are unfamiliar with command line interface (CLI), don’t blame it on Linux. Forgot the old DOS ways of doing things? Don’t you remember that MS DOS which was as much cryptic as linux terminal, but unfortunately less powerful.

You newbies please have a look at these command line comparison between DOS and Linux, so that you will never frown upon the good old CLI. Here is the table of comparison.

linux dos command comparison


ghalib said...

would you let me know how to emulate DOS programs into Linux?

lolita said...

There are many. You should try Wine and Dosemu. Also search google on "how to emulate DOS programs into Linux?"

sudhir said...

who needs dos and w32 programs on pclinuxos, it's repository is quite resourceful.

How about this