Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Substandards of "Linux For You," a Leading Indian Magazine on Linux

As far as I remember, books and magazines on Linux have contributed much towards Linux adoption. My Linux mania was fueled by such magazines and books. Years back I used to become very happy buying a Linux magazine, reading the usable tips and then playing with my vintage machine with the distro CD that I got free with those reading stuff.

When "Linux For You" (LFY), an Indian magazine on OSS and Linux was launched, I really appreciated it. After all, it was supposed to further the Linux knowledge in Indian subcontinent. But pitiful, this magazine has been distributing substandard Linux disks with the magazine. The story does not end here, this magazine does not entertains any of the user queries regarding replacement of those faulty/substandard disks. So, next time you purchase any "Linux For You" magazine. Please don't purchase it for the sake of its free CD/DVD.

Here is a screenshot of my query and a reminder, to which LFY did not bother to respond.

Good heavens! Today (Oct. 24, 2007) LFY people turned up and replied me this mail. Hope the person in charge of disk delivery responds promptly. I am still in a doubt.....


roseta said...

Yes, I have also got some faulty disks with LFY. I feel cheated.

manmath sahu said...

i have no ill feelings now they send me some good linux disks as replacements.

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