Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Granular Funworks offers the best of Work and Fun

As you have noticed, for the last 6 months, PCLinuxOS is rising high on popularity for all its properties. I have been using it since its .92 release. Each time it has stunned me with pure brilliance of desktop computing.

Alongwith the official PCLinuxOS, there are several respins available. I have tried them all, except SAM Linux, the XFce respin of PCLinuxOS. There is the small TinyME for purists who would love to add packages suiting their needs, there is PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster at, and there was Junior, Big Daddy, never to forget MiniMe. Only 5 days back I tried another Jumbo OS - Granular Funworks 90. It sounded patriarch to all the desktop linux around - the Jumbo desktop, full with every desktop user's computing requirements + a heavy dose of fun.

Granular Funworks stands out in many ways, though deep inside the core is PCLinuxOS. The good thing is that it has proliferated to a jumbo for all the good reasons. Let me count the ways. Its canon of applications outweigh any popular desktop linux - it has got two office suites (koffice and openoffice), gimp and inkscape, a whole lot of IMs, browsing and networking tools, text to speech utilities, four desktops (KDE, XFce, Looking Glass and Enlightenment). For better multimedia experience it has the best of linux world - vlc, xmms, mplayer, amarok, kaffeine. Please visit to know more.

What I liked in it the most:

1. When Funworks liveDVD booted the most pleasant experience I saw is its default KDE desktop. A unique but nice idea to put the desktop panel at the top.
2. The three more desktop environments first did not seem interesting to me. But then while the turn came to install it on my friend's PIII desktop, I thanked the Granular developer for including XFce. My friends system could run XFce optimally, but KDE responsiveness was not good. It is very good to include light desktops like XFce because still many people in this part
of the world use low-end desktops and laptops. Though they can never get the eye-candy of KDE, they can surely have a better computing experience on XFce.
3. Liked the inclusion of Wordnet, Unrar and Ntfs-3g. I can't say for other, but I love to see rar and unrar packages in my Linux desktop and Granular has them by default. I am not in the habit of using zip, tar or bz2 utility, I love rar. And I am sure many love rar than zip, tgz or bz2. Granular has it all.

What I added to it on my home laptop

I added libdvdcss, vobcopy, antiword, nrg2iso, xvidcap and w32codecs. I would like Granular team to include these packages + the latest intel drivers in their next release.

What I did not like

I wished it had the latest kernel and drivers. Because I could not configure my Intel GMA 960/965 Express Graphic card. Hope the next release will fix my issue.

My verdict

Anybody looking for the best set of applications for home as well as office productivity should use Granular Funworks. There is no second say.

You will never find a better linux desktop around.


ruby said...

i tried granular after reading your review. but the same here, it could not recognize my graphics card. it's pathetic condition.

manmath sahu said...

as i've posted on the blog that i also had a similar issue. granular could not configure my latest graphics card, i.e., intel 965gma.

hope the next the pclinuxos or granular release will solve the issue. also you can try a complete upgradation of your system in sync with the synaptics. and then install the latest intel driver. also please visit the threads:

have fun, have happy computing.

subham said...

how to install the latest x3100 intel drivers into granular linux so that i will get my graphic card working?

manmath sahu said...

there is no easy fix. please visit
to have a better knowhow.

manmath sahu said...

there is a fix at last.
please update your kernel and xorg to the latest in the repository and also follow the instructions mentioned in this thread:

Anonymous said...

try latest pclinuxos, ubuntu or fedora, your problem will be solved.

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