Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some pclinuxos fixes

Some pclinuxos fixes

1. Fixing "failed to stop fuse" error.

Some people really can't delete XP from their system, due to professional or personal reasons. But they would like to access windows stuff from the safety of linux. To get the read/write work perfectly on pclinuxos you need to install ntfs-3g, libntfs, fuse and libfuse.

I also did the same. Install ntfs-3g and changed my /etc/fstab to mount the windows partition with ntfs-3g support. I did not have any problem in reading/writing in the windows partition. But during shutdown I got the error message.

"failed to stop fuse"

I am sure many pclinuxos 2007 user have also faced the similar problem. Here is the fix.

Add the line mentioned below to /etc/rc.d/init.d/fuse at the beginning of the stop) section:

fusermount -u /mnt/xyz (where xyz is your fuse mount point)

Visit http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?topic=24436.msg186338#msg186338 for more info.

2. Widescreen resolution for 915GM chipset graphics card

PCLinuxOS 2007 has no problem configuring 915GM graphic cards on desktops. But when it comes to laptops, it does configure but with incorrect resolution. Many widescreen laptop users see 1024x768 resolutions stretched in a 1280x800 monitor. Hence, the display is scrunched.

You can install 915resolution to fix this problem.

Usage: 915resolution [-l] [mode X Y] [bits/pixel]
Options: -l display the modes found into the vbios

Use the exact mode as per the screen resolution.

Remember, this trick holds good only for Intel 915 graphic cards and some older cards. This fix did not work for my GMA965 graphics card. To get the standard resolution of the latest Intel GMA965 graphic cards, you have update the kernel and xorg. Then you might also need to change the xorg parameters manually.

Else wait till the next pclinuxos comes. It will have the best from the West - drivers, software, kde4 and almost everything...

Visit http://shengchieh.50webs.com/915resolutionreadme.txt for more info.

3. Install software that's not in the repository

The simplest way to install any package is to download its source from sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/ and compile & install.

1. download source packages
2. go to the directory where you saved the downloaded files
3. type ./configure --prefix=/usr/local ; make
4. type su -c make install

That's it!

Well, if you have downloaded some rpm backports or non-pclinuxos rpms, there is a way to install them, though it might not work always.

type rpm -i name-of-package.rpm

If it ask to resolve some dependencies, you have to manually do it. Else, if you are sure that those dependencies don't matter much, you can ignore them.

type rpm -i --nodeps name-of-package.rpm

Happy pclinuxos computing!


renuka said...

while ripping dvd in pclinuxos, it always shows up an error message: "temperature above threshold, running in modulated clock mode..."

is there any fix to it?

manmath sahu said...

please refer this page http://pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200710/page02.html
as well as http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/cpu-temperature-above-threshold-303527/
it might help you overcome this issue.

renuka said...

thanks for posting that pclinuxos url.

How about this