Monday, December 3, 2007

Yet another PCLinuxOS Remaster - Ultumix

Thanks to the fan-following (not fan-boyism), here comes Ultumix, yet another PCLinuxOS Remaster. It prides to be the easiest PCLinuxOS ever for being "The OS designed for Windows users by previous Windows Users."

Its final pre-release is available for testing.

download link torrent:
download link ftp:

So, what is this Ultumix?

1. It includes more non-free packages than PCLinuxOS.
2. It includes more applications (financial programs, games, emulators, documentations + a bible) in general and comes as DVD image somewhat comparable to Granular Linux.
3. The look is customized to give a windows feel.

Ultumix has a forum - to support new users.

I found the windows affinity of Ultumix is more than any of the PCLinuxOS Remasters released so far.

Let's hope for more localized PCLinuxOS remasters in future.


Anonymous said...

You will love puppy linux even more. I have used pclinuxos and still have the cd but I love puppy linux because it's blazingly fast, eventually i want to install it on my hard drive ;)

manmath sahu said...

hi, i agree with your observation that "Puppy linux is fast", but for speed-hungry people like you there is a rocket of pclinuxos, and that is TinyME. Try it, it's as fast as Puppy and more usable, sophisticated and stable than Puppy.

usacomputertec said...

Hey Madmath. Someone is using your identity to run Ultumix down in my forum. By the way If there are non-free codecs that are illegal to use in my distro please let me know. Thanks.

manmath sahu said...

I am sorry if somebody is misusing my identity. I would request you to delete that persons user info from ultumix pages, and employ some strict measures so that only validated members can post.
Again, I deeply regret.

jolly said...

Oh! manmath I am really sorry whatever happened to you. There are some poor fellows that will be there till the end of the world to trouble others.
But then, there are good people also.
Don't feel disturbed. And help us like you did before.

Anonymous said...

i tried ultumix. it seemed like a substandard remaster of pclinuxos. sorry.

Anonymous said...

It migrated to a sub-standard remaster of Linux Mint and currently is a sub-standard remaster of Ubuntu.

How about this