Thursday, December 13, 2007

Edulos - Education the PCLinuxOS way

All you governments, educators, parents and students, PCLinuxOS is coming you way to make learning fun and effective. The Edulos is cooking! Edulos, a PCLinuxOS remaster is about to hit the Linux World soon. It is designed to provide plenty of software to help you in learning, training and teaching. This includes creating easy to read and understand How-Tos and tutorials to enable the user to use the software that we provide, as we see ICT as enabling one to learn, not only as a separate subject to be learned.

The target of Edulos is:

* primary school users
* secondary school users
* educators and parents

Edulos will have packages to facilitate learning as well as teaching. This means packages for languages, arts, maths, science, sports, ICT, lessonplans, timetabling, grading and even educational games.

There have been many education-oriented small Linux distros like Edubuntu. But most them don't go beyond gcompris, childsplay and kde-edu, but not any more. Edulos is going to be "complete education on Linux platform."

It will:
* make the teachers' job easier
* give more involvement like showing children the beauty and complexity of molecules or DNA in 3D
* help the dance teacher in working on choreography
* help a person to create timetable without pen and paper
* make the auxiliary things such as lesson plans, worksheets, correcting homework, developing tests and writing reports, a lot easier and fast.
* have a lot of fun stuff and games.

What should I say? If it's on PCLinuxOS, it should rock!


teach-web said...

How can I get Edulos? I could not find it on PCLinuxOS website.

manmath sahu said...

Edulos is not released as yet. Keep patience, it will be released in first quarter of 2008.

Anonymous said...

release of edulos is doubtful like th e 64bit version of pclinuxos.

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