Friday, January 25, 2008

PCLinuxOS 2008 - a mini survey

pclinuxos 2008 mini survey

I have been using PCLinuxOS for last 3 years though every now and then I switch to different distros, always I keep coming back to the comfort of PCLinuxOs. I love PCLinuxOS for some reasons and I hate it for some other. However, a copy of PCLOS remains with me wherever I go.

I am sure it gives the best desktop experience of Linux than any other distro, but still some people prefer another to it. Why??? For this I had polled a mini survey on this blog, which addressed to this issue and some others as well. Here are the results:

What makes PCLinuxOS the best? Stability, Beauty or Performance?

My visitors liked PCLinuxOS best for its stability. No doubt it's beautiful and a good performer. But the beauty and performance is delivered from other desktop distros also.

Which is the best desktop Linux? PCLinuxOS, Mandriva, Fedora or Blag? I have removed Ubuntu from the list, because it is very much cliched.

I posted above poll just to compare PCLinuxOS with Fedora/Redhat. Sometimes I feel sorry about Fedora. It has never been ready for desktop. In desktop arena, PCLinuxOS beats Redhat/Fedora all the way.

What is your preferred desktop environment? KDE, Gnome, Xfce or IceWM?

Poll result shows KDE is still the winner, but Gnome is rising on the scene at an alarming speed, may be it will outdo KDE very soon. It's good that PCLinuxOS also has a Gnome remaster ready for avid gnome lovers. Visit for more...

Why Linux is still not the preferred desktop? Are people not aware of the latest improvements in Desktop Linux Distributions? Is Linux Desktop environment not as tightly integrated with the system as that of Mac OS (OS X) or Windows XP? Do so many Linux distributions dilute the focus of interested users? Is Linux not as usable as Windows or Mac OS (OS X)?

The above poll topic attracted very few responders, but pathetically responders proved it that Linux is still rough around the corner, still lacks the polish of Mac or Win. It's really pity that Linux being free and versatile sits on 2% of the desktop/laptop! Good heavens, distros like PCLinuxOS, Mepis and Mint are working hard to give Linux its long deserving polishness.


krishna said...

PCLinuxOS MiniME seems promising. But I am looking forward to PCLinuxOS Full Edition. Any idea when it's slated for release?

manmath sahu said...

I can't comment on its release date. Six months back I thought it's going to release sometime in Jan., 2008. As you see Feb is closing around. May be, anytime in May this year we will see the next PCLinuxOS. But again, it's a "may be" answer, because the PCLinuxOS people say - it's ready, when it's ready... It's really painful for all looking for an updated version.

Darun said...

you can add your favourite set of applications to pclinuxos minime to make it big. no point waiting for the next big release!

linux-freak said...

mandriva 2008.1 is around the corner. hope the next pclinuxos is not far away, and it will come with kde4.

manmath sahu said...

i can't say exactly when the next pclinuxos will release, but it's not coming with kde4 for sure.

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