Saturday, May 24, 2008

TinyMe instilled new life to my HP Deskpro, Thanks to PCLinuxOS Team

pclinuxos tinyme 2008 finalIn my backyard that old HP Deskpro is still there. Decades back it came with windows 98 preinstalled. Then the time changed, so did computing. I could never get satisfactory performance out of this old box from on top of Windows 2000 or XP. I had installed GoblinX and AntiX; and it worked decently. But the latest TinyMe 2008 final really instilled life to it.

Here are the specs of my machine: It has an 8MB memory intel graphics card, onboard intel sounds, 128 MB RAM, 450 MHz PIII CPU, 10 GB HDD, Creative CD RW Drive and 14" CRT monitor. TinyMe installed in 15 minutes flat. I can't say whether it's fast, but after installation the boot up seemed quite surprising - just 50 sec.

This is fast stable version of TinyMe, a PCLinuxOS-based mini-distribution designed with approx. 200 MB that packs kernel, xorg-server 1.3 and a good selection of applications that you most frequently use in your daily computing. Besides, if you want more Synaptic is just a click away. The most pleasant experience I got from TinyMe is that it has a nice desktop environment. No other distribution can be as beautiful and responsive as TinyMe on Openbox and iDesk. I could not find any problem with the applications. Even I did some installation/uninstallation of application and some minor manual configuration, still it was felt rock solid. It is fast, sleek and beautiful! Need I say any more?

Here is the list of applications that comes with TinyMe 2008 final:

  • AbiWord (Word Processor)
  • Opera (Web Browser)
  • Audacious (Media Player)
  • GThumb (Photo Viewer)
  • Asunder (CD Ripper)
  • PCC (Control Center)
  • Sylpheed (E-Mail Client)
  • ePDFView (PDF Viewer)
  • SciTE (Text Editor)
Download TinyMe


Anonymous said...

With Minime, my Sagem modem fast800ADSL function perfectly. Tinyme seems install, but ca walks not...

manmath sahu said...

Actually, tinyme is meant for old machines. Still you can upgrade its kernel and pull in necessary packages from pclinuxos repo to get support for your modem.

MattBD said...

I've been asked to get my housemate's old computer running again and I'm going to try TinyMe on it - it looks great and it's blazingly fast. I might also see if I can get it running on my Asus Eee PC 2G Surf.

Paul Arnote said...

I just installed TinyMe 2008.0 on an IBM T21 (PIII, 800 MHz, 256 MB, 20 GB Hard Drive, DVD-ROM, 8 MB Video RAM, with a D-Link WNA-1330 802.11 b/g wireless card). I buy up older IBM T-Series (T20, T21, T22, and T23) laptops, refurbish them, and resell them. Always before, I simply installed PCLinuxOS 2007, and they ran quite well. Out of curiosity, I decided to try TinyMe 2008.0.

WOW! TinyMe not only resuscitated this older laptop, but this laptop is running sprints without even breathing hard! While the performance with the full-blown version of PCLinuxOS was good, the performance of TinyMe on this laptop is just freaking awesome!

I do miss some of the customization I can do with the KDE Control Center, but it's little things that I can live without ... or I just haven't figured out exactly how to make the changes yet. At any rate, TinyME just flat out ROCKS!!! All of the laptop's hardware was properly recognized and set up right from the start.

I'd say you cannot go wrong with giving TinyMe a try on older, legacy systems.

Anonymous said...

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