Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are You Moving to KDE4?

kde4 logoI have tried KDE4 spins by dozens of distros including those from biggies like Fedora, OpenSuse, Kubuntu and Mandriva, but found varying degree of annoyance and/or lack of completeness across all of them. So what? I am waiting for Tex and/or Warren to bake KDE4 for me. I am sure KDE4 will be ready for mass consumption when it makes way into PCLinuxOS or Mepis.

May be it will happen after KDE4 reaches big increments like 4.5 or above, may be it will ship in mepis 10, or may be after 1 year in PCLinuxOS. Till then happy computing with good old KDE3.

Do you think the same? If so, drop a line.

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