Saturday, May 23, 2009

Puppy Linux 4.2.1 is not a Puppy, but a Poppa to Many!

Puppy Linux 4.2.1
Puppy has long been the posterboy for all those who needed a light distribution. However, I never really tried it before. I was happy in the crowd of biggies like Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, Mepis and Ubuntu. This morning I downloaded Puppy Linux 4.2.1 (puppy-4.2.1-k2.6.25.16-seamonkey.iso, the incremental .1 is a bugfix) just like that. And Lo! After popping it on my notebook, it a sort of stunned me for its beauty, simplicity, speed, usability, wealth of applications, and overall integration of the whole.

It is an independent distribution on diet by JWM and a careful selection of applications for almost any task you do on your home desktop.

It has around 170 odd ones including a word processor (Abiword), spreadsheet program (Gnumeric), batch renamer, download manager, torrent client, IM client, media player, vector and rastor graphics program, ftp client, archiver, copy disk tool, cd/dvd/brd burner, iso image editor, audio ripper, sticky note utility... and a lot lot more that it seemed more comprehensive than the complete Fedora 10 DVD. You name it, and it has a slimmed down version of it. All of them packed in just 100MB. God! Is it a miracle?

The most astounding part of this tiny distro is that all the tools, applications and utilities it has work flawlessly. No wonder, at #8 on the distrowatch ranking it is outdoing many heavyweights.

As for the beauty, Puppy does the best JWM. It is sure to allure you with a grey color theme and shiny orange icons.

It seems "Puppy is actually a Poppa" (Daddy). It has it all. It is a must for everybody, especially for those who want to breath new life into their rather old Desktops/Notebooks.


Anonymous said...

If you liked the look of JWM, puppy 4.2.1 has 2 window managers included, It has JWM & IceWm, to switch to IceWm just click /menu/shutdown and a popup will happen with a advanced tab, Click the "advanced" tab and select "Switch to Icewm" :) sit back and be amazed all over again, :) I made the package up and built the Icewm themes, enjoy :)

manmath sahu said...

Thank ttuuxxx for dropping by and informing about icewm desktop on puppy.

You are right. I also tried IceWm on Puppy. But I liked JWM better. That's just me.

Bob said...

Nicely said!

I've installed Puppy 4.2.1 on a USB flash stick and it boots up nicely. The flash stick can be partitioned (Menu > System > GParted) and easily installed.

Puppy may have a small name, but it's a serious workhorse. I've used it many a time to copy out NTFS files from a messed up Windows PC for those who forget to back up their data.

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