Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for a 64-Bit Desktop Linux?

mepis 8 64 bitIt's been quite long since the 64-Bit processors came to limelight. However, they have been just marketing gimmick of hardware vendors for many reasons. Though most of the modern hardware are capable of supporting 64-Bit computing, the software is really not ready.

64-Bit-readyness is abject in Windows. You can install 64-Bit version of Vista, XP or Windows 7, but you can hardly get 64-bit application software from biggies like Adobe.

Good heavens! The move to 64-Bit computing is relatively faster in OpenSource and Linux. You can get 64-Bit distros from Mandriva, Fedora, Mepis, Debian, and now, Slackware. PCLinux has not taken the leap. I tried them all and got the pains ranging from instability to lack of proper codecs across all except one – Mepis 8.

Mepis 8 64-Bit is perhaps the best 64-Bit distribution if you are happy with KDE 3.5.10. For me it seemed the best tested and optimized distribution, so good that it runs on my entry level 64-Bit box with Intel 965 board and Celeron M 530 1.73 GHz processor.

I would highly recommend Mepis 8 64-Bit to all those ready to plunge into 64-Bit computing.

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