Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PCLinuxOS Bandwagon Updated!

Good News! All you PCLinuxOS users. The community has released new quarterly updates of PCLinuxOS Main KDE (2009.2), Gnome Remaster (PCLinuxOS 2009.2 Gnome), two beautiful Mini Versions - PCLinuxOS 2009.1 MiniME and PCLinuxOS 2009.1 Zen Mini.

All these releases come with updated packages. Main KDE version sticks to 3.5.10 version, this time more baked and beautified.

This release also makes an announcement that KDE 4 will be added to the repo soon. And it will find a place in Next Quarterly Update.

Thanks Tex and PCLOS Team!


ספי לוי said...

And since you enjoyed my previous remaster there is now a new one available you may like to try out! :)

There are 2 "flavors" of the system

PowerPack = Includes non-oss on the Remaster, not suitable for some countries

Open Source Edition = includes ONLY the OSS software allows

This remaster is with Israel/Hebrew speaking users in mind, enabling them to have a ready-made support for the language. However! the interface and everything ARE in an english language so it is suitable for all users and those who don't need Hebrew can simply remove the language from the choices.

I Look forward to hearing from you,
Best Wishes,

manmath sahu said...

thanks sefy for updating me. you are doing a great job.

manmath sahu said...

sefy, i tried your remaster (got it from a friend). it's really good. two thumbs up!

keep up the good job.

hope you will make a kde4 remaster when tex packs it into the next quarterly release.

ספי לוי said...

Once KDE4 is as complete at KDE3.5, then i'm sure that Tex will add it up, lately i tried KDE4 with Mandriva 2009.1 and it was horrible experience for me.

It felt so lacking and incomplete, that i just couldn't even find it usable for one single day and i took it off as quickly.

manmath sahu said...

i had also tried mandy 20009.1 kde4 livecd. yes, as you told it was not that complete as 3.5.10. but i think there will a kde4 quarterly update soon in pclos camp. because the kde4 packages are really moving fast in the repository. and i am sure tex will do the best.

btw, thanks for the prompt reply.

ps: not only on my desktop, your remaster has found place in four of my friends' desktops. and they are all happy.

ספי לוי said...

I'm sure that one day the KDE4 will be a bit more mature and complete and when it happens, Tex will most certainly give us the best experience with it.

Btw, are you referring to the latest 2009 remaster i've made or the previous 2008 ? I'm honored that they love it that much! I would enjoy some comments and usage on it if they don't mind. Maybe improvments suggestions too :)

manmath sahu said...

Of course, I am referring to 2009 edition.

How about this