Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mad Linux Reviews

Fedora 11 released today, i.e., 09-06-2009Fedora 11 released today!

Less than a couple of hours passed reviews on Fedora 11 poured in, most in favour of this Red Hat sponsered distribution. But I am sure the reviewers themselves might not work on it for months. They will move on to review yet another Linux distribution and speak fair or foul after testing that a few hours.

Some of the reviews were like sacred-cow telling Fedora 11 to be a cutting edge, feature-rich and stable (is it?) distro, while some others spoke foul in every respects - from its look-n-feel through bootup process to overall system stability. Saying something for or against an OS is not so easy. Nobody should utter a word about stability of a distribution that bundles half-baked software into it, and what's worse, brings new releases twice a year. That much time is not enough even for testing a distribution if is meant for mass consumption.

It's a pity as well as a puzzle. How (and why) do those geek reviewers come to a conclusion just playing around the said distribution just a few hours!

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