Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's Noteworthy in Linux, BSD, OS X & Windows in 2010?

Linux, BSD, OS X & Windows in 2010

The forthcoming year will have much in store for all you tech-freaks. There will be Windows 7 (Yes, MS has learnt it's lesson and therefore polished its product so much that even Win7 Beta looked/worked great), OS X Snow Leopard (the same roaring leopard with more power and cunningness), and I suppose the next major releases of PCLinuxOS (may be PCLinuxOS 2010), Mepis (may be Mepis 9) and PCBSD (may be based on FreeBSD 8) with perfectly usable KDE4.

This time around I was happy trying the Beta version of Windows 7. MS has patched the loopholes and cleaned much of the clutters (you experienced on Vista). Next, Snow Leopard is ready to jump in. I am sure many will in love with this big cat. OS X Leopard is already a great OS, and as the Apple people say Snow Leopard will be an enhancement over Leopard. That means better performance, lesser memory footprint and tons of updates. Great!

The Loverboy of FreeBSD, PCBSD is a miracle in itself making the good-old FreeBSD truly usable in Home Desktops. I had liked all its versions with KDE3. Its current KDE4 version is somewhat not that good (my personal opinion). However, in a year KDE4 will certainly mature to stage comparable enough to the mature KDE 3.5.10 in terms of overall completeness. And most probably it will be time when PCLinuxOS and/or Mepis will appropriate this shiny (and over-ambitious) desktop environment onto themselves.

Did I forget anything? Yes, there might be a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (the movements in Fedora 11 somewhat suggests that), but there is no news of it in the Redhat camp.

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