Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PCLinuxOS 2007.1 or PCLinuxOS 2008 - Which? When??

I have always appreciated the rather delayed PCLinuxOS. Because I am sure Tex and the Ripper Gang bring out wonder releases everytime. So, the wait is worth. This is first time I have become impatient and pleaded the PCLinuxOS people - "please bring out an updated pclinuxos iso, if not a new release."

Definitely, not for me! I got mine working with Granular, PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster plus hours of hooking to the forums. The reason was just to get my new laptop hardware work on PCLOS. Though I have tested it on Mandriva 2008 and Ubuntu Gutsy, and it worked fine, I just can't help keep me away from PCLinuxOS. Now I am working on Granular. I updated intel driver, xorg and kernel in Granular matching with that of PCLinuxOS Gnome Remaster (it is the latest of all the pclos clan). Wait... wait... i also had do some manual editing to get my pclos laptop work well. So, how a noob is going to do all these....? Besides the repo has been greatly changed. It sounds a new installation is better than a complete update.

I agree, PCLinuxOS 2007 is the most stable, radically simple and it just works. But dear, there has been much change in desktop and laptop hardware since kernel 2.6.18 and xorg 1.1.

While somebody put a query in pclinuxos forum about - the next release, updated iso, etc. There is but one reply - "It will be ready when it is ready." Oh my God! It sounds philosophy.

We all know, Tex and the Gang go out of the way to give us a great distro each time. But if they take a little pain and give a rough date of next release or next updated iso, it will give complete peace of mind to many restless pclinuxos fans. The release date can be a approximate, 1 month back or forth does not matter much. But it will definitely give much solace.

Tex, it's not a complain, but a plea.pclinuxos love


Anonymous said...

let's pray tex for some info.

juno said...

I think the next pclinuxos release will be in May 2008.

manmath sahu said...

I can't say anything about the next pclinuxos release. As they say, it will be ready when it's ready. But I hope it will be mover in desktop linux arena.

Anonymous said...

PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniME is released and making news. So, as Juno said the next pclinuxos release may be in May 2008, though not sure!

manmath sahu said...

Nothing very certain regarding next release of PCLinuxOS. It can be today, tomorrow or may be 5 months down the line.

juno said...

pclinuxos will release in august 2008.

Anonymous said...

It seems PCLinuxOS 2008 Full will be released in the final quarter of 2009.

PCLinuxOS and Mepis both suck for their uncertain release cycle. Tex says that PCLinuxOS 2008 will be just PCLinuxOS 2007 + all the updates. And moderator's at pclos forum say that if you have completely updated your pclinuxos then you have the latest pclinuxos 2008.

I am sorry. If it is so easy as just an updation, why don't the pclos people release an updated ISO.

Mepis is also other such unfortunate distro that's underrated due to uncertain release cycle.

God save Mepis and PCLinuxOS.

manmath sahu said...

hi all,

as tex hopes pclinuxos 2008 full may come to light in june, but i can't say anything about mepis. most probably mepis 8 will be based on debian lenny. everybody knows about the delay factor in debian. so next mepis may take one year from now to release, though nothing can be said for sure....

mepis is definitely a great distro, it has its greatness lies in debian base in the hands of veteran warren. but only problem is it will look somewhat obsolete when it will release.

ubuntufreak said...

hi manmath,

june is already gone, still there has been no motion regarding the pclinuxos 2008 release. it seems there will be no pclinuxos 2008. may be pclos people will bring out next release sometime in 2009.

manmath sahu said...

Hi Ubuntufreak,

Why freaking? Download PCLinuxOS 2008 Minime and install packages as per your requirement. You won't have to wait for 2007.1, 2008, 2009, or whatsoever is the next release.

How about this