Sunday, December 23, 2007

PCLinuxOS Business Edition Linux or simpley BEL

PCLinuxOS has risen up in popularity like no other distro. And alongwith it there came several community projects like: SAM, PClinuxOS Gnome, TinyME and PCFluxboxOS. However, the news is that it has a Business Edition also, PCLinuxOS Business Edition Linux or simply BEL.

PCLOS BEL is a business implementation of PCLinuxOS 2007. It caters to the needs of small and medium businesses. It is one of the easiest to use Linux Distributions available to them.

BEL comes out in multiple version such as - Terminal, Workstation, Server and SOHO.

I installed its Workstation edition my Compaq C702TU notebook. It is very much responsive. I would say it a blazing distro, though not cutting edge. The only problem I faced was configuring the x3100 graphics card, like PCLinuxOS 2007 it does not support the graphics card. Well, that's not an issue with business deployment.

As the BEL people say, it brings the full power of GNU/Linux to help your office computer make you more productive, and offer cost effective, resource light solutions that make your office tasks more efficient and easy to use. My opinion is if you are purchasing SLED or RHELD, you should try PCLOSBE. Who knows, it will prove just right for your business. And you won't have to spend a penny.

Visit BEL website for more.


ronii said...

I visited PCLinuxOS Business Edition, and came to know that its final is not released. Any idea when it will the light?

manmath sahu said...

I have no idea, but guess it will be ready in a month or two. Subscribe to PCLinuxOS forum, you will be intimated duly.

Anonymous said...

final version of pclinuxos bel x home is released.

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